Download League Of Legends On Android & iOS Devices

Download League Of Legends On Android & iOS Devices

Riot Games      Strategy

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Feb,2019             Updating          1.0

Requires iOS, Content        File Size

Android             Rating 

Requires iOS     Rated for 9+  630Mb

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Android 4.1 and up


Game Description

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. League of Legends features an ever-expanding roster of champions, each with a unique design and playstyle. In League of Legends, players select their hero as a “champion” with unique abilities and battle against a team of other players online or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team’s “nexus”, a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures, although other distinct game modes exist as well. Each League of Legends match is discrete, with all champions starting off fairly weak but increasing in strength by accumulating and creating items and experience over the course of the game.

Game Modes

Summoner’s Rift

League of Legends’ flagship Field of Justice, Summoner’s Rift, remains the battleground of choice for the majority of players. Two teams of five champions battle across three lanes and an expansive jungle that holds powerful buffs and major neutral objectives. An extended laning phase and large-scale team fights are characteristic of this battlefield.

The Twisted Treeline

The second Field of Justice added to League of Legends, Twisted Treeline, features two lanes and teams of three champions. Champions begin play with higher starting gold totals than Summoner’s Rift, sparking fast engagements and frequent team fights. A single, centralized jungle between the lanes holds capturable altars that encourage battle over neutral objectives and frequent ganking.

Howling Abyss

Inspired by the popular community game mode All Random All Mid, the Howling Abyss features two teams of five champions battling over a single lane. The summoner platform provides no healing and shopping is strictly limited to periods after your champion has died. This pushes the map toward aggressive, high-intensity gameplay centered on team fights.

Gameplay Screenshots

download league of legends on mobile

download league of legends on ios

download league of legends on android

download league of legends on android & iOS devices

Download League Of Legends On Android/iOS Free

Below is the download link. By clicking it the game will automatically start downloading and installing in your device. This is a super fun game and most trending currently. Invite your friends to download the game and play co-op. Don’t miss the chance as this is the only version available on iOS and Android. The download is fast direct link and quick and easy.

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