Download Flat Heroes On Android/iOS

Download Flat Heroes On Android/iOS

Parallel Circles    Platform

Updated            Installs        Version

Aug,2018             Updating          1.0

Requires iOS, Content        File Size

Android             Rating 

Requires iOS     Rated for 9+  150Mb

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Android 4.1 and up

Game Description

Flat Heroes is the platformer game that you have been looking for. Flat Heroes is a minimalistic, super intense action game starring squares for 1 to 4 players. This game features a very friendly and delightful controls that allows players to move around the level in a super fluid way allowing them to beat all the challenges that its cooperative mode offers. Flat Heroes rewards you with that good old feeling of surviving impossible levels alongside a smooth modern design. With a simple set of movements- Run,Jump,Dash,Attack- Flat Heroes encourages you to stylishly navigate and survive over beautifully handcrafted levels, destroy the most epic bosses around and truly be the two dimensional hero. When was the last time you felt like a hero? Download Flat Heroes On Android/iOS Now!!
Easy to learn and hard to master. During your adventure you will face increasingly difficult challenges that will require you to master the game’s controls on the journey to becoming a true Hero.Got stuck in the campaign or want to survive longer in the challenge modes? Too intense for you to take on alone? Let your friends join the party; Flat Heroes is the perfect couch co-op experience! Invite a few friends, get some pizza and overcome the challenges together!

Key Features:

  • Play alone or share the experience with up to 4 friends on all modes
  • Drop in & Drop Out Co-Op
  • More than 300 Levels
  • Face 10 unique final Bosses
  • Unlimited survival Levels, with daily challenges and Leaderboards
  • Versus Modes offer you and your friends an option to compete against each other



Download Flat Heroes On Android/iOS Free

Below is the download link. By clicking it the game will automatically start downloading and installing in your device. This is a super fun game and most trending currently. Invite your friends to download the game and play co-op. Don’t miss the chance as this is the only version available on iOS and Android. The download is fast direct link and quick and easy.

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